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NaturoMedic.com is a naturopathic medical clinic located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Michael A. Prytula, ND and Dr. Mike Um, ND, HBSc. are the heart and soul of NaturoMedic.com. Dr. Erin MacKimmie, ND, RN, BNSc. joined the team in January 2010 and we are now proud to announce the addition of Dr. Mary Magnotta, ND, MSc., HBSc.

At NaturoMedic.com our mission is to provide the structure for the healing of patients, by optimizing their health and treating disease. We educate our patients, and individualize the treatment process by eliminating disease-causing factors.

We work in conjunction with current medical therapies and investigate and utilize therapies that have been proven to be effective throughout the world and throughout time.

NaturoMedic.com was founded in 1988 by Dr. Michael A. Prytula, ND. NaturoMedic.com is one of North America’s most advanced naturopathic facilities. We provide a wide range of treatments and services, using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and technology. It is our intention to remain on the cutting edge of healing therapies from around the world and to make these therapies known to the general public and medical personnel (see NaturoMedic.org for our medical personal training programs), thus aiding everyone to work toward obtaining their own level of optimum health.

Each member of the NaturoMedic.com team is a qualified professional, committed to upholding the highest ethical and clinical standards.

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Giving Life To The Living!™